How to Pay Your Medical Bill

This section explains how to pay your bill. For your convenience, your professional physician charges and hospital-based facility charges come on a separate statements one from physician and other from the hospital. You will not get a bill if the insurance has covered the full cost of  the services.

Pay Your Bill                 

  • Online

You can pay your bill online through this website, click at TAB PAYMENTS or at

You may receive invoice via email. If you pay your bill online or by email please disregard any other paper invoice. 

  • By Mail

You may receive two kind of invoices and these look as show at the left bar. Both invoices are related to your account, either way you receive first to pay feel confident that your payment will go towards your account.

Use the coupon at the bottom of your statement and mail it to us with your credit card information or personal check.

  • By Phone  

To Pay by phone call us directly to (321) 549-2273 and one of our representatives can take your payment by phone.

If you have questions about your bill or information changes please call at (800) 418-6824, Extension 860.

BILLING QUESTIONS (800) 418-6824 Extension 860